Troubleshooting Checklist


  1. Press the “Test” button.
  2. Have someone send you a text (make sure they are on your Favorites list or, better yet, turn off Favorites; also be sure that text notifications are enabled (green)
  3. Is the battery in properly?
  4. Is the clip installed?
  5. Is the app installed?
  6. Go to “About” Ditto (tap the [icon] icon on the main menu) and see if Ditto is “connected”
  7. Go to your Bluetooth settings and see if Ditto is connected? If you see a blue i in a circle (icon), a secure link is established.  [true on Android?] If not, tap on Ditto and see if it reconnects.
  8. Open Ditto and remove the clip then reinsert. See if Ditto reconnects
  9. If necessary, do the unpair and re-pair procedure [see video]
  10. If your Ditto is still not working, contact us via the support page
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    Can't find out why my Ditto beeps when I move 10 feet away from it. The "tether" beep should signal when I'm farther away, right?

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    my Ditto connected to my apple XR I phone for about 15 minutes, now it will not connect at all?? I cannot get any support for this and I really need my DITTO.