You can set an Alarm to alert you of an event at a certain time – to wake up, to go somewhere, to do something important.  Simply set the Alarm and, if you want, a customized message that will pop up on your phone’s screen.  To do this, however, be sure that the Ditto screen notification is enabled on your phone.  If you have an iPhone, this is on the __ screen.  If you have an Android phone, it is usually on the ___ screen.


Ditto Alarms are remembered on the device.  Ditto will thus vibrate when the Alarm goes off, even if your smartphone is not within range or connect.


This makes Ditto an excellent wake-up alarm if you need to get up but don’t want to bother others nearby with a noisy alarm.  Using Ditto with its wristband generally provides a more secure way to wear Ditto so that you don’t knock it off while asleep.

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