Reset Ditto

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    Lynn Rousseau

    Thank you so much for this tutorial ...whew! I needed this and worked hard to set it up:)

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    Shari Worden

    What about the Android version?

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    Donna Castile

    my phone 5s ios version is 11.2.1(15C153) no more android samag no more my new iphone 5s ios

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    Arlene florencia f. Arkoncel

    Last wednesday my dmartphone click ditto "discoonect please try again" till yedterday dont open connect ditto i neef wesr ditto vibration for text/chstvideo/calls

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    Valerie Allen

    what happened vibrating not work two times new batteries still notwork. i need ur helping. call my relay service 541-226-3641. my text nb 541-287-2262. valerie Allen