Where to Wear Ditto

It’s up to you where to wear Ditto.  The closer to your body the better, so clothing that is not up next to you is not as good.   Wear it under your clothing so that it is personal and discrete or flaunt it out in the open so that people will ask you what it is.  Ditto is elegantand cool.  And Ditto is so light and small that you won’t even notice it (but remember to take it off at the end of the day).

Try the little pocket on your jeans (it’s actually called a “___” and you’ll finally have a real use for it.  Clip it to your underwear or the inside waistband of your pants.  How about along the neck band of your tee shirt or the inside front edge of your shirt or on the neck tag behind on your back.

If you are a woman, try it on a bra strap (lower down towards the cup is more secure).  It’s personal and private, and no one will see it.  You’ll probably forget you’ve got it on so make sure you take it off at the end of the day.  You can also try it on a necklace – although it is better on the back of your neck or on a stiffer metal necklace.

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